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Faculty spotlight: Bidwell Training Center Senior Admissions Representative Carrie Jacobus

February 18, 2021 3:30 pm

An admissions representative plays a crucial role at their institution. Not only do they represent their school when recruiting students, but without them, there would not be an institution at all.


As Senior Admissions Representative for Bidwell Training Center, Carrie Jacobus plays a significant role in recruitment and guides prospective students throughout the entire admissions process, ensuring they are taking all of the necessary steps to begin their classes.


Additionally, she is often the first to view a student’s application, but she does not solely judge their character or qualifications on paper; she looks at them holistically. She works to build a supportive relationship with them, representing the organization’s mission that all students are assets and not liabilities.


“I’ve been working in the admissions field for 11 years,” says Jacobus, “I enjoy hearing applicants’ stories and helping them on their path to success.”


Jacobus takes the time to get to know each applicant on a personal level. She learns about their challenges and living situations and shares how Bidwell Training Center (BTC) can provide them with quality education and a connection to services that help ensure their welfare.


She helps students gain confidence in their ability to attend BTC and complete their desired program in its entirety.


She also provides applicants with educational resources and tools to ensure they successfully pass BTC’s required admissions assessment.


“The most rewarding aspect of my job is watching the students grow. Often, when the students first come in, they are nervous and unsure,” says Jacobus, “Over time, they gain confidence, and it makes me proud to see them be proud of themselves.”


According to Jacobus, in recent years, BTC’s enrollment has significantly improved, with a continuous trend of full classes for almost all six of their programs and an ever-growing waitlist.


“People are looking to go back to school, especially during these times. Particularly, the medical field is in high demand right now, and with three out of six of our majors being in the medical field, students are getting placed in our programming quickly and finding employment,” says Jacobus.


Start Your Journey to a New Career


Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Jacobus and the Admissions Office would meet applicants in-person and give a guided tour of BTC’s facilities. Now, to preserve the health and wellness of staff, current and prospective students, BTC offers a virtual tour.


Applicants can also request more information about BTC and its programming entirely online.


Manchester Bidwell Corporation, the parent company of BTC, offers a complete list of COVID-19 procedures on its website.

BTC offers a two-step enrollment process to qualify for training at no cost:


  1. Information Session – For access to the Information Session, please complete the Career Readiness Survey. A representative from their admissions office will then contact the applicant with directions to access the Information Session.

  2. Assessment – Prospective students must take an assessment test and meet score requirements in their program of interest. Assessment testing covers reading comprehension and basic mathematics. Please contact the Admissions Office at 412-402-9761 to schedule your Assessment after you have completed the Information Session.


“Although we’ve switched a majority of our admissions process online, students are required to come to BTC’s physical location to complete the assessment,” says Jacobus, “We assure applicants that we’ve implemented all recommended COVID-19 procedures.”


If you’re interested in discovering your future career and exploring whether BTC is right for you, please visit BTC’s website to receive more information.

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