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Manchester Bidwell Corporation serves as the parent company for a number of affiliates and provides them with consolidated administrative functions such as finance, human resources, development, facility maintenance, marketing, and public relations.


These combined functions serve to reduce overhead and make the family of organizations more cost-effective as a whole.

Bidwell Training Center (BTC)

an adult career training school which offers vocational training at no cost to the student in medical services, horticulture, chemical laboratory technology, and culinary arts.

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (MCG)

Founded in 1968 by Bill Strickland as an after school ceramics program for the disadvantaged youth of his neighborhood, we have expanded MCG’s programming to include more art studios as well as a Jazz division.

MCG Youth

an after-school arts education and apprenticeship program which is offered at no cost to the student.

MCG Jazz

a performance venue and Grammy-Winning production label.

National Center for Arts & Technology (NCAT)

our consulting group which focuses on replicating the unique MBC educational model around the world.

Manchester Bidwell Development Trust 

created in 1998 to establish endowments to secure and sustain the programs of BTC and MCG.

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