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Our Philosophy

Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC) is an empowering atmosphere of art, light and music. The beauty we’ve designed into our center isn’t window dressing; it’s an essential part of our success. The environment we’ve created at MBC gives people of all ages the opportunities and tools they need to envision and build a better, brighter future for themselves.

Our Guiding Principles


Our guiding principles and diverse programming transform the lives of our community, adults-in-transition and Pittsburgh-area youth. These principles are at the heart of our Founder & Executive Chairman Bill Strickland’s educational model and in his own words, are the cure to the cycle of poverty. We implement these principles in many ways – adult career training, youth arts education and social enterprise – but the end result is a better way forward for our community.





Environment Shapes Behavior

Everything about the physical, emotional and philosophical atmosphere at MBC is purposeful – the way the light fills the rooms, the art on the wall and the friendliness of our staff.


We believe that everyone, no matter their background, deserves beauty, respect and the opportunity to learn in a safe space. When provided with these, the underserved will become world-class, productive citizens.





People Are Assets

We believe that people are born as assets. Given the proper positive environment, any person can grow the seed of personal genius buried inside them.


By providing encouragement, opportunity and resources, we strive to keep community members, young and older, on the positive side of the social balance sheet.





Creativity Fuels Enterprise

Society and the economy are driven forward when new ideas become reality. At Manchester Bidwell, we embrace and encourage creative thought.


Given the chance to dream, anyone may have an opportunity to create something – a product, artwork, a business – that will change the world.

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