Our Board

Our board’s diversity in career fields and scholarly interests helps to increase our organization’s sustainability and productivity of our staff and students. Each board member's expertise allows us to adjust our programming in order to meet the current climate of the workforce. This ensures our students graduate with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to succeed.



Gregory B. Jordan

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The PNC Financial Services Group

Vice Chair

Amy Atkinson

Community Volunteer


Vincent V. Sands, CFA.

Retired, BNY Mellon


David S. Rzepecki

Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Covestro LLC


Brian D. Aiello – Vice President, External Relations and Human Resources, CNX
Kevin Acklin – Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Pittsburgh Penguins

Byron Bardy – Certified Master Chef

William C. Byham, Ph.D. – Founder and Executive Chairman, DDI

Ann E. Cudd – Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh

Kevin L. Jenkins, L.S.W. – President & CEO, Manchester Bidwell Corporation

Mark A. Nordenberg – Chancellor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh

Lisa B. Peters – Retired, BNY Mellon

Dorothy L. Raizman, Esquire – Community Volunteer

Susan Baker Shipley – President, Western Pennsylvania & Ohio Valley Region, Huntington Bank

Nicholas D. Varischetti, Esquire – Of Counsel, Burns White, LLC


 E. Peter Benzing

Nancy L. Bromall

Michael A. Bryson

Jack L. Burley, Sr.

George Fechter

Diana Jannetta

Don Alan Linzer 

John Pelusi 

Michael Schurko 

William E. Strickland, Jr. 

John Unkovic 

Doris Carson Williams


 Livingston Biddle (Deceased) 

Scott G. Brown, Esquire 

Anthony L. Bucci 

Carolyn Byham 

Dorothy A. Davis, Esquire 

M. Elise Hyland 

K. Leroy Irvis (Deceased) 

Chereé Johnson

Scott M. Lammie 

Claudette R. Lewis 

Glenn R. Mahone, Esquire

 Frank Mont (Deceased) 

David L. Motley 

Robert N. Peirce Jr. 

Nancy L. Rackoff, Esquire 

Theodore Roberts Jr. 

Clifford R. Rowe Jr. 

Tony Torres 

Milton A. Washington (Deceased) 

Lauren Weddell 

Alfred W. Wishart Jr. 

 Mara Bruce


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