For years, the National Center for Arts & Technology (NCAT) has been committed to replicating Bill Strickland’s educational model of hope, light, and breaking down barriers. In recent months, the challenges we have all faced have helped us see the need and urgency of this work throughout the world.


To that end, we are reimagining the NCAT model and how we can quickly and effectively support and open workforce training and arts education centers. We are in the process of finalizing the precise structure and workflow of this new chapter in replication, but we are prepared to leverage the expertise and experience of Manchester Bidwell to change lives wherever we can.


If you are part of the NCAT network of existing centers, or if you are interested in seeing Bill’s vision come to life where you live and want to find out more, you can connect with us here in Pittsburgh:


(412) 323-4000

Joanna Papada

Vice President of External Relations

Ext. 105

Kevin Jenkins

President and Chief Executive Officer

Shaun Fleming

Executive Assistant

Ext. 113