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Here's Our Why

The National Center for Arts and Technology's (NCAT) vision for establishing Workforce & Opportunity Centers or Centers for Arts and Technology in the United States and beyond is to rebuild the state of relationships between people & institutions.

NCAT recognizes that in both urban and rural communities alike, the bonds of faith and trust people have in their public and social institutions are broken. High poverty rates, high under-employment rates, volatile rhetoric, a devalued sense of education, and lack of participation in the civic and social life of the community,, are systemic outputs of communities that do not exist at high levels of interdependent economic, social, and political security.

NCAT Communities


Erie Center for Arts and Technology 

A Value-Centered Operating Culture

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NCAT Network Portal

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Rhea Henry

Community Development Specialist

Joanna Papada

Vice President of Government and
External Relations

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