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Key Staff

The main phone number for all organizations is (412)-323-4000. The lists below contain the extension to use to reach the person listed.

Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC)

Kevin L. Jenkins

President and Chief Executive Officer

Shaun Fleming

Executive Assistant

Ext. 113

Mara Bruce

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Nancy McGrath

Executive Assistant

Ext. 119


Joanna Papada

Vice President of External Relations

Ext. 105

Karen Linscott

Senior Director of Development

Ext. 264

Jonathan Zito

Director of Communications

Ext. 239

Thomas Fowler

Senior Director of Human Resources

Ext. 117

Drew Mathieson Greenhouse (DMG)​

Mark Wallace

Greenhouse Facilities Manager​

Melinda Gorman

DMG Administrative Assistant

Ext. 500

Bidwell Training Center (BTC)​

Dr. Kimberly Rassau

Vice President of Bidwell Training Center

Ext. 157

Molly Hicks, PhD

Senior Director of Horticulture and Agriculture Technology

Ext. 206

Anthony Taglieri

Senior Director of the Culinary Arts Program

Ext. 197

Manchester Craftsmen's Guild​ (MCG)

MCG Youth

Justin Mazzei

Executive Director of MCG Youth

Rose Mary Gubser

Administrative Assistant - Senior Level

Ext. 302

Claira Heitzenrater

MCG Youth Program Coordinator

Ext. 187

MCG Jazz

Martin Ashby

Vice President and Executive Producer of MCG Jazz

Renée Govanucci

Director of MCG Jazz

Ext. 140

National Center for Arts & Technology

Joanna Papada

Vice President of External Relations

Ext. 105

Founder & Executive Chairman

William E. Strickland, Jr.
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