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Pitt - Titusville Education and Training Hub Awarded $1.2M Grant

October, 12 2020 11:00 am

The Times - Observer reported that a $1.2 million grant was awarded to the Education and Training Hub at the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville. The grant funds will be used to purchase equipment for the Manufacturing Assistance Center, guided by Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering, and for the medical assistant program, sponsored by Manchester Bidwell Corporation. 

Kevin Jenkins, President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation shared, “Manchester Bidwell Corporation is honored to partner with the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville to develop innovative programming that will be transformative for so many people in the Northwest region of Pennsylvania.”

Read, ''Pitt - Titusville Education And Training Hub Awarded $1.2M Grant.''

About the Pitt - Titusville Education and Training Hub

The Hub officially launched in August 2020 and currently offers an associate degree in nursing program. The program has maintained a 100% hiring rate for recent grads and was ranked seventh in the state by the website RN Careers.


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