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Chef Anthony says it's time to reveal the tequila and mezcal that will be available to our Ultimate Experience participants. "Have you ever been to a restaurant or bar and saw one of those really cool bottles sitting on a high shelf and asked, 'How much is a try of that?' and the bartender's response makes you say, 'How could it be worth it?' This is your chance to try multiple of those bottles in one unforgettable event!" 

Grand Patron Platinum - a selection of the absolute best blue weber agave the Patron estates have to offer with the highest sugar contents to ensure the best flavors and aroma possible. Triple distilled and briefly rested in oak barrels. 


Clase Azul Reposado - The classic ceramic decanter that you see on many high-end restaurant and bar top shelves, with each bottle hand painted by Mexican artisans. Those that have tried it know this Reposado Tequila will ruin all other tequila for you— it's that good.


Don Julio 1948 Anejo - Another easily recognized name on our list as one of the largest tequila producers in Mexico, This is Don Julio's ultra-premium bottle named 1942 after the year Don Julio Gonzales began perfecting the art of tequila making. Similar in nature to the Grand Patron on our list. This is and aged (anejo) Tequila that this titan of their industry has stated "This is some of the best we can possibly make."


Vicio Espadin Meszcal Artesanal - Don't know the difference between Mezcal and Tequila? Don't worry, we will teach you! This delicious Mezcal can stand on its own but its true purpose on this list is to set up the strong contrast of the next unique mezcal. 


Forforo Tobala Mezcal Artesanal - This unique Mezcal will really through you for a loop, chosen for its use of the rare Tobala agave. This mezcal will make you question what you know as tequila and mezcal.


And don't worry, none of these Delicioso ultra-premium tequilas and mezcals contain any worms, but we will talk about that! 


Make sure to RSVP here, the ultimate package is at very limited availability with even more surprises to come!

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